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Set and edit User Permissions

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Selling plan comparison.

When you initially set up your Seller Central account, only you can access the account tools and features. You can provide access to others – such as employees, co-owners, or contractors – by setting your User Permissions:

To invite new users:

  1. Under Settings, click User Permissions.
  2. Enter the contact information for the new user and click Send invitation. Repeat for all new users you want to add.
  3. Have your new users follow the instructions in the email.

To edit new user permissions:

  1. Under Settings, click User Permissions.
  2. Click Edit next to the account you want to change.
  3. Click the button next to each tool you want to give the user access to for your account.

By setting user permissions, other users can complete tasks such as manage inventory or handle shipping confirmations. However, account credentials are unique and confidential information should not be shared with anyone.

User permissions are available only to Professional sellers. Amazon offers both Professional and Individual selling plans. You can easily switch your existing selling plan.

Note: Although you can add users to your seller account, you cannot transfer your seller account, even if the business ownership changes. In that event, the new owner should establish a new seller account in their name.

Assign permission to individual users

By default, the secondary users cannot initiate disbursements or set disbursement methods on behalf of the seller or the account owner. Only the primary account user will be able to take these actions. However, we can enable different permissions based on the requirement for each secondary user after they have provided KYC information for identification purpose.

  1. Under Settings, click User Permissions.
  2. Click Manage Permissionnext to the user to assign or remove permissions.
  3. Confirm whether the user will be granted permission to handle return requests or refunds and whether you are the legal representative of the business or not. If not, provide an email address of any legal representative of the business. An email will be sent to the legal representative, informing about the successful onboarding of the secondary user.
  4. ID and residential address information are required for every secondary user to complete the onboarding process. Additionally, you may be asked to provide a proof of identity and proof of address for the secondary user. Please refer here for acceptable document types. Only residential addresses are accepted. First, enter the passport and address information and ensure that all the requisite information is present and matches the documents. In the second step, provide the documents.
  5. Amazon Payments will review and verify the information.
  6. After you have received the confirmation that an account has been created for this secondary user, permissions can be individually assigned. Visit User Permission and click Manage Permissions.
  7. Select the radio button next to each tool that you want to allow the user to access.

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