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This article applies to selling in: Netherlands

VAT for Buy Shipping

With VAT invoice for Buy Shipping, you will be able to obtain your carrier’s monthly VAT invoice in your Tax Document library on Seller Central (for carriers whom allow Amazon to be third party invoice provider on their behalf). This service is only eligible for sellers that are shipping from locations within the EU, with selected carriers and that are VAT registered in those locations. (Mexico also offers VAT calculated invoices please visit Mexico specific help page).

Review sample invoice.

Obtaining VAT invoice

If you purchase shipping services with carriers for which Amazon acts as the third party invoice provider, you will receive a VAT invoice summarizing the transactions that are unique to a given carrier in a specific month. We will automatically post the document into your tax document library during the first week of the following month.

To access your VAT invoice, go to Reports > Tax Document Library > Seller Fees Invoices > Search for Merchant VAT invoice and select the check box. Then click send selected invoice, and the document will be sent to the email address you have assigned.

Note: At this time, we do not have the functionality that supports the download of VAT invoice data in report format on Buy Shipping with VAT invoice.
Note: Anytime that you are using your own rates with the carrier, Amazon will only provide estimated VAT cost on shipping labels. You will need to visit your linked account with carrier to obtain VAT invoice directly from the carrier.

You will also be able to obtain credit note (the carrier for whom Amazon acts as the third party invoice provider) whenever there is an adjustment applied to a label that was purchased. The VAT documents should assist you with your VAT reporting obligations.

Application of tax on Buy Shipping label

The VAT included on your label purchased, if any, will depend on various factors, for example: where you have established your business, if you are VAT registered or not, where the carrier is established, where the package is shipped from and where the package is shipped to, type of postage, etc.

Example: If you are a NL established company (VAT registered in NL) and you buy NL domestic shipping services from DPD NL, 21% NL VAT will in principle be charged on the shipping service.

VAT Invoice details for Buy Shipping purchases (EU)

Providing your VAT information and other tax configuration preferences allows our service to calculate the applicable VAT, and to issue electronic VAT invoices, for all orders received through Amazon's European marketplaces. To update your VAT details please visit Settings > Account Info > Tax Information > VAT information

Sellers can expect the invoice to have the following fields:

  • Invoice provide details ( as provided by carrier to Amazon)
  • Account holder business address and details ( as provided by seller to Seller Central)
  • Seller Legal Name and address ( as provided by seller in Seller Central)
  • Order number
  • Tracking number
  • Date of purchase
  • Service
  • Unit price
  • Taxable amount
  • VAT rate applied
  • VAT payable
  • Subtotal
  • Total price (included VAT)
Note: Your tax documents will be accessible for 10 years from the time of creation.
Note: Amazon Seller Account email address should match the email address in Seller Central. To find your email address, go to Settings at the top right of Seller Central, then click User Permissions. Select the default email address, which appears as the email address that cannot be deleted.

Amazon merchant Token

Note: To find your Amazon Merchant Token, go to Settings at the top right of Seller Central, then click Account info. Select Your Merchant Token under Business Information.

Calculations on VAT zero rated or exempt provides

Our VAT calculation service includes support for several classes of shipping services that require a special VAT treatment including shipping services that are VAT exempt/zero rated.

Cross-border shipping treatment to a destination outside the target marketplace country

Amazon will remove the VAT included in the VAT-inclusive offer price to determine the VAT-exclusive selling price. Next, we will use your tax settings and transactional information (including location, product, and customer information) to determine the correct amount of VAT to be added to the VAT-exclusive selling price.

VAT for Buy Shipping vs. VAT Calculation Report vs. VAT Transactions Report

The VAT invoice for Buy Shipping Services is a monthly invoice created on behalf and in the name of carriers that have authorized Amazon to be their third party invoice provider. This invoice contains all purchased labels on Buy Shipping Services with the given carrier.

The Amazon VAT Transactions Report (AVTR) is a monthly report that provides detailed information on all Amazon marketplace transactions for sales, returns, refunds, cross border inbound, and cross border fulfillment. AVTR does not contain any information related to the buy shipping service.

The VAT Calculation Report (for sellers which activated Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service, “VCS”) provides only details regarding VAT calculations and invoices generated by Amazon in the name and on behalf of the seller for supplies of goods sold via the Amazon marketplace during a certain period. The VAT Calculation Report does for example not report on FBA inbound shipments and cross border transfers of goods from an Amazon fulfilment center in one EU country to an Amazon Fulfilment Center in another EU country.

Changes to business name or address

It is your responsibility as a seller to ensure that your most current details are always up to date in Seller Central. Amazon utilizes the details you have provided us to generate invoices on behalf of the carriers.

If you update your information during the middle of the month we will generate two invoices. The first invoice will contain all transactions associated to old information. The second invoice generated will contain the updated information with a summary of transactions that took place after information was updated.

FAQ: Seller qualifications for VAT reimbursement

Please speak to your financial advisor to determine qualification.

Will you provide VAT for my historical transactions?

No, we will not have the ability to pull up previous history and generate off invoice request.

Note: In Europe the carrier has the responsibility to pay VAT to the local governments. In Mexico, Amazon has the responsibility to pay government.

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