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Deals for Events

To submit a Deal for event consideration:

  1. On the Deals dashboard, check Upcoming Events to see the events that are open for Deals submissions. Events include Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and others.
  2. Select the desired event in the Schedule box as part of the Deal. You can submit Deals for multiple event and non-event weeks.


How do I know if I am eligible to submit a Deal for event consideration?

You can see if an ASIN is eligible for event consideration in two places:

  • On the Deals dashboard, the event options are in the Date column drop down.
  • As part of creating a new Deal choose the desired event when you select Schedule for the Deal.

If you do not see the event available in the Schedule, your ASIN currently does not meet the criteria to be considered for the event.

What if I don't see the ASINs that I want to submit for the event?

Products must pass certain criteria in order to qualify to be an eligible ASIN. If you don't have any eligible ASINs on your Deals dashboard, your products currently don't meet the Deals criteria. Learn how to make your products eligible for Deals.

How can I guarantee that my Deal is selected for the event?

We cannot guarantee that your Deal will be selected to run on the event. After all Deals have been submitted for event consideration, Amazon will review the Deals scheduled to run on the event. In order to improve the probability of your Deal being selected, select the Deals that you believe will get customers most excited to purchase. Deals with greater available quantity and inventory may also have an advantage in being selected.

What are the criteria for my Deal to be selected for the event?

All eligible ASINs with the event in the Schedule option meet the base criteria for event consideration. Learn how to make your products eligible for Deals. Amazon will then choose the Deals that have a large available quantity and inventory and provide a diverse mix of Deals for customers.

When will I know when my Deal is expected to run?

The date and time of your Deal will be revealed in Seller Central at least one week before the Deal is scheduled to run. If your Deal has been selected for the event, the start and end dates will state the name of the event (e.g. Prime Day, Cyber Monday, etc.), along with the time your Deal will run. If your Deal has not been selected for the event, the start and end dates will reflect the week-long timeframe.

In order to ensure that your Deal runs on the event, monitor your Deal regularly and make any relevant changes to keep it in the Upcoming status. Consider following the Tips for running successful Deals section on the Deals page to promote your products further.

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