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Returnless refunds

This optional feature allows you to automatically issue a full refund to your customers without requiring them to return the product, when the criteria that you define are met. In some cases, returnless refunds may make economic sense if the cost of return shipping is relatively high. You can configure rules that will trigger an automatic refund for eligible returns, instantly closing out the return request.

Offer Returnless Refunds for returns that meet certain criteria

  1. Go to Settings and click Returns Settings.
  2. On the Returns Settings page, click Returnless Refund.
  3. Click Add New Rule.
  4. Enter the price range for which you want to issue a returnless refund.
    1. (Optional) You can add product categories to specify returnless refunds in the aforementioned price range only for the selected product categories.
    2. (Optional) You can add reasons for return, to specify returnless refunds in the aforementioned price range only for the selected reasons for return.
  5. Click Save.

The newly configured rule will apply to all orders from that time onward. You can add multiple Returnless Refund rules at the same time.

To edit an existing rule, click on the rule, choose Edit, modify the settings, and click Save.

To delete a returnless refund rule, click on the rule, click Delete, and confirm you want the rule deleted.

Note: All orders placed while the rule was active will still have the rule applied. For example, if you deleted a rule on January 10 and a customer created a return request on January 15 for an order originally placed on January 5, then that customer will still get returnless refund on that order.

Offer returnless refunds for specific SKUs

You can also offer returnless refunds for specific products in your inventory.

  1. Go to the Returns Settings page and then click Return Attribute Overrides.
  2. Click on Download template.
  3. Follow the steps under the Instructions tab of the template. To enable returnless refunds for specific SKUs, enter the "RETURNLESS_REFUND" prepaid label exemption code in this template.
  4. Upload the file on the Return Attribute Overrides page after completing the template.


1. Will Amazon setup returnless refund rules on my behalf?

No, all the rules for returnless refunds need to be set up by you. Amazon will not create any rules on your behalf.

2. Do I have to authorize the return request for an item that qualifies for returnless refund in my rule settings?

No, any return request for a product that qualifies for returnless refunds based on the rules you have set will be automatically authorized. You do not have to take any action.

3. Do I have to provide a refund for an item that qualifies for returnless refund in my rule settings?

No, a refund equal to the value of the product cost will automatically be provided to the customer for a return that qualified for a returnless refund. You do not have to take any action.

4. What would be the customer experience for a product that qualifies for returnless refunds?

Customers will get the message: “We are processing your refund. You don't need to return the item back to us!”. Customers will automatically get a refund back to the original payment method in 5-7 business days and the refund will be charged to your seller account.

5. What about out of policy returns or returns requested after the end of the return window?

All out of policy return requests will continue to come to you for manual authorization. They will not be granted a returnless refund.

6. How can I track all returnless refunds granted based on my rule settings?

All returnless refunds can be tracked in the Returns Report. Go to Seller Central > Reports > Returns Report.

Error Troubleshooting

All rules need to be mutually exclusive. So if you have a rule that is a subset of another rule, then you will get an error: “Edited rule is conflicting with rule: [Name of Rule]”.

For example:

  • Rule 1: Price Range EUR 0 to 20.
  • Rule 2: Price Range EUR 0 to 20 and Product Category: Music

This will give an error when setting up Rule 2 as it is completely a subset of Rule 1 (any request that falls within Rule 2 will also apply under Rule 1, thus Rule 2 is unnecessary).

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