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Quick Reference: VAT Invoice for the Buyer

On this page you learn about issuing a VAT invoice.

Issuing a VAT invoice

It is your sole responsibility to comply with all legal and VAT requirements for issuing VAT invoices to buyers in respect to your sales transactions. If you are unsure as to whether you have to issue a VAT invoice to a buyer, we suggest that you contact your tax advisor. Amazon cannot assist you with legal or tax advice. Buyers can include your customer service in relation to their VAT invoice requests in their Seller Feedback.

If you activate the free VAT Calculation Service, Amazon will automatically generate VAT invoices on your behalf for all your (Amazon) B2B orders. These invoices will be available for download to you and your customers. After activation, please make sure not to send invoices via other systems to avoid double invoicing your customers. Please note that you remain responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your VAT settings. Learn more about the VAT Calculation Service or the methodology we apply to calculate VAT.

VAT on shipping and giftwrap revenue

For any Amazon fulfilled orders (FBA orders), we will determine the amounts charged to the customer for shipping and gift wrap services.

FBA orders may qualify for free shipping according to the Amazon shipping rules. In these cases, we do not charge shipping fees to the customer and, in turn, we neither remit to nor debit shipping fees from your Amazon seller account.

If, however a customer is charged for shipping and/or gift wrap services, this revenue is part of your sales transaction and remitted with the amount of the item price revenue to your Amazon seller account. These revenues are featured as Shipping and Giftwrap in the settlement report and transaction details. The total value of the sales transaction is the item price plus shipping and/or giftwrap revenue paid by the buyer. You are responsible to account for any applicable VAT on the total value and, in the event that you issue a VAT invoice to the buyer, you are required to include the amount the buyer paid for shipping and/or giftwrap. In this detail, Fulfillment by Amazon transactions are no different from sales transactions related to products you fulfill yourself and where the buyer is also charged for shipping and/or gift wrap. To identify all revenues between the seller and the buyer, access the Shipment report from the Order Reports link on the Amazon Fulfillment Reports page.

After remitting any shipping and giftwrap revenue into your Amazon Seller Account, we will charge you a fee equal to the amount of any shipping and/or gift wrap fee charged to the buyer. Such transactions are called Shipping Chargeback or Giftwrap Chargeback in the Settlement report. In some cases, the Shipping or Giftwrap Chargeback might be lower than the amounts that were remitted to your Amazon Seller Account; however, this does not impact the amount paid for shipping and/or giftwrap by the buyer, which should be included on your VAT invoice to the customer.

See the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions agreement for more information.

If, at any time, you are unsure of your VAT obligations, we strongly recommend you verify these with your local tax office or contact your tax advisor.

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