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Partial Refunds for Books Products Partial Refunds for BMVD Products

The following examples illustrate how refund credits and refund administration fees are calculated for a BMVD product.

Partial refund of a single item from an order

Suppose you receive the following single-item order for a book with standard shipping

Cost of book: 10.00 € (item price set by you)
+ Standard Shipping: 3.00 € (rate set by Amazon)
Buyer's Total: 13.00 €

For this order, you would have paid a Referral Fee of 1.50 € (15% of product charge).

You then create a partial refund in the amount of 5.00 € of the product charges. The amount returned to you is calculated as a percentage of the Referral Fee, paid on the product charge, not including shipping. The Variable Closing Fee is retained by Amazon.

Formula for credit:

5.00 € (partial refund) / 10.00 € (product charge) = 50%

50% (percentage refunded) x 1.50 € (amount of Referral Fee) = 0.75 € (credit for refund)

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