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Condition guidelines

On you can just sell new products. It is not allowed to sell used and/or refurbished products

Unacceptable and Prohibited Items

Items in any of the following conditions are unacceptable for listing on

  • Item does not work perfectly in every regard.
  • Item is not clean, having signs of mould, heavy staining, or corrosion.
  • Item is damaged in a way that renders it difficult to use.
  • Item is missing essential accompanying material or parts. (This does not necessarily include instructions.)
  • Item requires repair or service.
  • Item was not created by the original manufacturer or copyright holder. This includes copies, counterfeits, replicas and imitations.
  • Item was originally distributed as a promotional copy, promotional bundle, product sample or advance reading copy. This includes uncorrected proofs of in-print or not-yet-published books.
  • Any aspect of the item is obscured and not able to be read or viewed because of markings, stickers or other damage.
  • Item has passed the expiry date (includes "best before" and "sell by" dates), has an unacceptable portion of its shelf life remaining or has had the expiry date removed or tampered with.
  • Item is prohibited for sale on

For more information about prohibited products, see Restricted Products.

Only full retail versions of software may be sold on

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