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FBA policies and requirements

Before listing products for Fulfillment by Amazon, it's important to know what are the policies and requirements that impact you as a seller using Amazon to fulfill orders for your products.

Note: We have not yet launched all FBA features in You can list your products locally in the Netherlands, convert inventory that you currently fulfil yourself into FBA, and manage your pricing manually or set pricing rules. In order to send inventory to an Amazon FC, to manage and maintain optimal inventory health through the Inventory Planning features, or to define settings for automated removals, please switch to the view, which you can easily do through the unified account country dropdown. We will fulfil customer orders on through our EU wide fulfilment centers network, and consider fulfilment centers in Germany as local to the Netherlands.

For storing inventory in other EU countries VAT obligations apply, learn more about VAT requirements here

FBA policies

FBA requirements

  • FBA Product Restrictions

    Some products require prior approval before you can sell them on Amazon. In addition, there are certain products that either cannot be sold using FBA, or must meet certain requirements before they can be sold using FBA.

    For more information, see FBA Product Restrictions

  • Inventory Requirements

    Certain requirements, including requirements for labeling, packaging, and shipping inventory, must be met for inventory shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers. For more information, see Inventory Requirements.

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