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This article applies to selling in: Netherlands

FBA Export Terms and Conditions

By listing products in FBA, you agree that Amazon ships your FBA orders on to postal addresses in accordance with your FBA Export settings. You can, at any time, exclude a product from FBA Export or change or disable your FBA Export settings.

Your participation in FBA Export is subject to this program policy, the terms of the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement, including Amazon's International Seller Rules, and Amazon's program policies. You must exclude any prohibited products before you start selling with FBA Export.

ASIN eligibility in the Exportable Inventory Report only confirms that the product can be shipped outside the Netherlands using Amazon's Fulfillment Network. This might change from time to time. It does not validate that your product complies with any laws applicable to its offer, sale, transportation and/or storage. You are solely responsible for, and must ensure that your products comply with, all applicable laws at all times.

You represent and warrant to Amazon that the products listed by you for FBA Export are not subject to export controls under US, United Kingdom and European Union (including individual Member State) law. You also represent and warrant that you have not been subject to any fines/penalties imposed by customs authorities in the last 3 years.

Note: There are no additional fees for FBA Export orders on Amazon. For Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders to international addresses, refer to the rate card that can be downloaded from this page.
Important: Shipping products into an additional country to your home marketplace country might trigger additional VAT registration and reporting obligations for your business (as well as other reporting requirements such as Intrastat). Except as otherwise provided in the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement, you will be responsible for the collection and payment of your taxes together with the filing of all relevant returns and issuing VAT invoices or credit notes where required. To learn more about VAT, see Europe Tax and Regulatory Considerations.

Note that we will share information about your transactions and units where obligated, for example, if justifiably requested by governmental entities or regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction over Amazon. We can terminate your participation in FBA Export, remove ASINs or offers from FBA Export, discontinue this program or modify the policy thereof at any time.

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