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Summary of shipment process

The Shipment Creation Workflow allows you to create a shipment to our fulfillment center in these 6 easy steps:

  1. Set Quantity
  2. Prepare Products
  3. Label Products
  4. Review Shipments
  5. Prepare Shipment
  6. Summary

On the Summary page, you can review the content of your shipment.

  • For Small Parcel Delivery, you must provide your tracking numbers if you are not using an Amazon Partnered Carrier. Please note that when you use an Amazon Partnered Carrier, your tracking numbers are provided for you.
  • For LTL and FTL, you must provide your Bill of Lading (BOL) and Freight Number unless you are using Amazon Partnered LTL. When you use Amazon Partnered LTL, Amazon will generate your BOL. You are required to give the carrier the Bill of Lading (BOL) generated by Amazon which will be available in the partnered workflow the day of your pickup.

This information will enable us to provide you with accurate shipment statuses and visibility in the Shipping Queue.

Important: If you need to modify the number of boxes after you have already printed your labels, you will need to reprint the entire set of labels for your shipment.

The View Summary page is your primary destination for monitoring your shipments. In addition to reviewing your products and quantities, you can track your shipments (if applicable), and watch the progress of your products as they are received at the Amazon fulfillment center. If there are problems with your shipment, you will be notified on the View Summary page and in the Shipping Queue.

After the shipment arrives at the fulfillment center, if there are discrepancies between what was listed in the shipment and what is received, you can use the Shipment Reconciliation Tool to submit a research request in order to locate the missing items. For more information, see Reconciling Your Shipment.

Use a barcode scanner to provide carrier tracking IDs

You can use a barcode scanner to provide carrier tracking IDs in Seller Central by scanning shipping barcodes from the box label. You can also scan barcodes from receipts and invoices. This feature is available only for small parcel shipments for which you have chosen to use your own carrier.

Note: If you are using an Amazon partnered carrier, you don't need to enter the carrier tracking ID information, because we will generate it for you. To view the tracking ID information, go to the Track shipment tab.

To use this feature, your barcode scanning device must support the Code 128 barcode format.

To provide carrier tracking IDs using a barcode scanner, follow these steps:

  1. On the Track shipment tab, click the Carrier tracking ID text field.
  2. Position the barcode scanning device above the carrier tracking ID barcode on the box label.
  3. Click 'scan' on your barcode scanning device. The carrier tracking ID will then automatically appear in the text field on the Track shipment tab.
    Important: Most barcode scanning devices can be configured to automatically move the cursor to the next text input field, such as after you click "tab" or "enter." This is also supported on the Track shipment tab. If you are unable to configure the barcode scanning device, you can manually click the next text field on the Track shipment tab and continue to scan.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you have finished scanning all box labels.
  5. Click Save all on the Track shipment tab.
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