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Prepare your products for FBA shipping

The Shipment Creation Workflow allows you to create a shipment to our fulfillment centers in these 6 easy steps:

  1. Set quantity for shipments to Amazon
  2. Prepare your products for FBA shipping
  3. Label your products
  4. Review/view shipments to Amazon
  5. Prepare shipment to Amazon
  6. Summary of shipment process

FBA has product preparation requirements that must be followed in order for units to be received at Amazon fulfillment centers. From Prepare Products you can review Amazon provided Preparation Guidance. If you have questions about the guidance provided, contact Seller Support for selected products in your Shipping Plan based on the Preparation Category they belong to. A list of these products can be displayed using the Preparation required filter tab. Preparation Guidance provides instructions for packaging and protecting your products.

Important: It is your responsibility to determine the type of preparation required to ship your products safely to Amazon. For some products, the Preparation Category may not be identified, and Preparation Guidance may not be available; however, product preparation may still be required for these products. A list of these products can be displayed using the Preparation may be required filter. When preparing a product, please review Packaging and Preparation Requirements to determine if your products require product preparation and follow any general product preparation requirements.

If you know the Prep Category for products with no Prep Guidance available, you can assign a Prep Category by clicking the Choose prep link in the Prep Guidance column and selecting from a list of Prep Categories that best suits your product. If you determine that a product does not need any additional prep, you can leave the category blank or select No Prep Needed. Prep Categories include:

Preparation Category Description and Examples Prep Video Tutorial
Fragile The product is glass or is otherwise fragile.
  • Glass
  • China
  • Picture frames
Liquids The product is a liquid or requires a seal.
  • Liquid soap
  • Spray bottles
  • Lotions
Textiles The product is made of cloth or fabric and can be damaged by dirt, dust, moisture, or liquid.
  • Clothing
  • Blankets
  • Linens
Plush/Baby The product is a plush toy that collects dust or for a child three years old or younger.
  • Stuffed toys
  • Pacifiers
  • Baby bottles
Small The longest side of the product is less than 54 mm — about the width of a credit card.
  • Some jewelry
  • Key Chains
  • Flash drives
Adult The product displays potentially offensive material, such as profanity or nudity.
  • Explicit magazines
  • Explicit movies
(no video available)
Note: Tutorials are best viewed in 1600x900 screen resolution.

If you do not want to perform product prep yourself, Amazon can perform the prep for a fee. To have Amazon prep your products, you must first enable FBA Preparation Service in your account Settings. For products we prepare for you, we will provide an estimated fee based on the activities list in Preparation Guidance or the Preparation Category you assign to the product when you create your inbound plan. The actual fees charged will be based on the prep activity that we provide for each unit as determined by Amazon.

To have Amazon prepare your products, select Amazon from the Who prepares? column. When you select Seller under Who prepares? for a product, you will be responsible for preparing the product yourself. FBA will only prepare products with UPC bar codes (Universal Product Code).

See FBA Preparation Service Fees for additional information.

Prepare your products for FBA shipping

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