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Date Range Reports

The Date Range Reports page generates individual transaction reports and summary reports for orders within a specific range based on the date when you marked the orders as dispatched.

Important: The Date Range Reports capture all the transactions between the first report date at 12:00 a.m. to the last report date at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

Follow these steps to generate a custom date range report:

  1. On the Date Range Reports tab of your Payments Report, click Generate Report.
  2. In the Generate date range report dialog box:
    1. Select the report type.
      • A Summary Report (PDF) is an overview of financial activity in your seller account during a specific date range.
      • A Transaction Report (CSV) is a detailed list of the transactions that occurred in your seller account during a specific date range.
    2. Select the Month or Custom reporting range.
      • To generate a monthly report, select a month and year from the Month drop-down list. You can select a previous month or a future month that includes days up to a year in the future.
      • To generate a custom report, use the date pickers to specify the date range for your report.
        Note: If you select a date range in the future, you can set the report to recur after the end date. Reports can be generated for upto 365 days at a time going as far back as 2012.
  3. Click Generate. Reports can take up to 1 hour to generate. If you do not see your report in the list yet, check again later.

Scheduled reports will be marked Scheduled in the table. To cancel a report, click Cancel.

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